Our Agents

  • Charlotte Williams
    Cell: 407.310.7309 E-Mail: charlotte@williamsrec.com Charlotte Williams was born in New York, but has lived most of her life here in Florida. She came to Central Florida to attend college and study accounting and earned an MBA in 1988. Though she thrived for years in accounting & management, she quickly found that her true calling was in the real estate industry. She founded SummerHill Homes, a successful construction company, and then became a leading local real estate professional.
  • Morris (Bud) Williams
    Cell: 407.310.6980 E-Mail: bud@williamsrec.com Putting You in Control of Your Trip to the Winner’s Circle is Bud's Specialty! The Winning Edges When it comes to racing around a track at 200 miles per hour, you want to know that the person behind the wheel is in control. Once a year, when Bud Williams treats himself to a few laps around Daytona, it’s no different. Before he is even allowed to set foot in an impressive NASCAR, he is briefed thoroughly for his own safety by professionals who know everything there is to know about high speed driving. It’s more than just knowing that the person at the wheel of the expensive car is safe—it’s about giving them the information that will put them firmly in control from the start to the end of their experience.
  • Michelle Seelos
    Cell: 407.468.2806 E-Mail: mseelos@gmail.com
  • Moe Anderson
    Cell: 407.252.8877 E-Mail: moe.anderson@hotmail.com

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